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Importance of multilingual ecommerce Website & App

Internet is ruling and shaping the world around us. It has become essential for every business to have a robust online infrastructure that serves the interests of the enthusiastic internet-friendly audience and brings the brand closer to success.
It is for this reason that many businesses are creating websites and apps and going online. Most of them opt for WordPress as it is the most scalable and user-friendly platform to work with and converting a WordPress site to a mobile app is also easier.

As we OnShoWo Ltd do.
However, just having a vanilla website or app in the name of online infrastructure is not enough. There is a huge competition out there and you must be prepared to go the extra mile to attract your customers.
Offering a personalized experience to your consumers is the best winning strategy in this day and age. One of the significant steps that you can take to ensure this is to offer a multilingual experience on all your platforms.
Today, we are here to guide you and throw some light on this topic itself. So, go through the blog till the end and discover some useful insights related to the benefits of offering multilingual website and app.

Outstanding benefits of having multilingual website and app

Let us first introduce you to the awesome benefits of having a multilingual website and app:

#1: Reach a larger audience with ease
Businesses need to understand that not all their potential customers belong to English speaking countries. In fact, English is not the first language of a majority of the global population. Also, even England consist of many different nationalities and languages.
Depending upon your audience and business location, languages can act as a catalyst or a barrier. By creating a multilingual website, you can ensure maximum coverage and reduce any demographic barriers that may arise due to language difficulties.

#2: Leverage the benefits of localization
Localization can have endless benefits when it comes to amplifying your chances of success. Besides aspiring to reach a global audience, you must also augment your resources to reach the localized audiences in a personalized manner.
In fact, targeted localized steps taken for a business can have a huge impact on its growth and success and having a multi-language infrastructure can be the first step in this direction. It can help you connect with native people on a personal level and maximize the prospects for your business.

#3: Reduce bounce rate & abandonments
Despite having good rankings, visibility, and exposure, you can lose potential customers if you fail to connect and communicate with them. Not serving content in multiple languages can be one of the reasons why people leave your site or uninstall your app and migrate to competitors.
On the contrary, if you include multiple languages on your website and app, then you can appeal to a comparatively larger group of people belonging to various locations, ethnicity, social backgrounds, and more. This can reduce your bounce rate and abandonments and amplify conversions.

#4: Strengthen customer-experience
A buyer-centric business that shapes its business decisions based on the convenience and preferences of its customers, has the most potential to grow and succeed. Serving content in the language preferred by your customers can actually have a huge impact on your brand image.
You can communicate more effectively with the customers in their language and ensure that they recognize and relate with your brand instantly. It can strengthen the experience of your customers and reduce the cognitive burden on them. As they will be able to understand and process the information better, the chances of their conversions and their lifetime loyalty value will increase furthermore.

#5: Earn trust and authenticity
In general, people tend to trust an information more if it is presented in their preferred or native language. In fact, as per a study by CSA that tested the “Can’t read, Won’t Buy” hypothesis, it was found that 72.4% of consumers believed that were more likely to buy a product that had information in their own language.
Therefore, offering a website and app in multiple languages can help you cultivate more trust and build a stronger brand image in the eyes of customers. Besides, when you create a multi-lingual platform, it shows that you make efforts to globalize your brand while keeping the preferences of different demographics in mind. It can also make your brand easily recognizable and consumer-friendly.

#6: Gain a competitive advantage
It is the age of technology where there is no excuse for not having a cross-border approach in your business. Setting up a multilingual website and app can help you achieve this feat and earn more traffic and conversions.
Besides, it increases your chances of pulling a targeted group of customers as compared to your contenders who do not have multi-language friendly infrastructure. Adding this edge of personalization can help you gain a competitive advantage over them.

#7: Boost SEO & marketing endeavors
Extended language support and multilingual digital infrastructure can increase your potential market area and expand your targeted consumer base. This in turn can affect the footfall on your website and hence, directly affect your SEO, website ranking on search engines, app raking on app stores, visibility, conversions, and more.
You will also be able to run your marketing campaigns in local languages and then present solutions to customers in their language itself. This will help you make the most of your marketing initiatives and campaigns and you will be able to gain ample traction, conversions, growth, and more.

emPower your business with multilingual resources.

  1. Of course no one will disagree with it. The hardest question is – how to better utilize it. As with everything, there are two ways –
    As cheap as possible, by using automatic on fly solutions aka Google Translate
  2. More expensive, but Professional – step by step translation by profesionals and or native speakers.

More expensive does not mean very expensive.
Automatic translation solution, aka Google auto translate is crap. Sorry but it is crap.

Any search engine indexes website pages which are published. Search engines does not index on fly translated pages.
So if You will use automatic translation option on Your website – no NEW customers will come from search engines.
Automatic translation is usefull only in situation – if customer already know Your product, and wants to get translation of it.
For example – news websites. It is usefull for them.

And we are not speaking about problems with translation quality.
Automatic translation is not usefull for marketing or advertising porposes. Because Search engines does not “push translation button” and Your website and it will be indexed as it is with – 1 language.
So – if someone around a corner or in Your county or thousands miles away will search for Your product in foreign language it will not find Your product, because – there is no “hard copy” of Your eCommerce website in Search Engine on that language.
If You are serious about to attract new non English speakers to Your produce, You need to translate every part of Your business.
The queston is – is it worth of it?
Below You will find more information about Non English speakers in UK.

According to UK Parliament House of Commons Library article HERE, non English speaking people flew into UK from year to year are accelerating.

There are two main ways of measuring the migration of people:

1) flows across an international border, and

2) the stock of people living in a particular country who are not nationals of that country or who were born abroad.

In the year ending March 2020: 715,000 people migrated into the UK and 403,000 people emigrated from it, leaving a net migration figure of 313,000.

In the year ending December 2019: 6.2 million people were living in the UK who had the nationality of a different country (9% of the total population), 3.7 million EU nationals were living in the UK, and 994,000 UK nationals were living in other EU countries excluding Ireland.

The number of people migrating to the UK has been greater than the number emigrating since 1994. For much of the twentieth century, the numbers migrating to and from the UK were roughly in balance, and from the 1960s to the early 1990s the number of emigrants was often greater than the number of immigrants. Over the last twenty-five years, both immigration and emigration have increased to historically high levels, with immigration exceeding emigration by more than 100,000 in every year since 1998.

According to England and Wales 2011 Census The population of England & Wales on Census Day, 27 March 2011, was 56,075,912. Source HERE. The Census is carried out every 10 years. Data from the March 2021 Census will not be available until 2022, so 2011 Census data is used instead.

When new data will come out we will provide it here.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of having multilingual websites and apps, go ahead and enrich your business with the same. Start creating channels, content and resources in multiple languages and attract more traffic engagement and conversions.

Ecommerce website & App are channels. Your products for sale or services are content.

OnShoWo Ltd will help You with eCommerce website and Android & IOS App.

You must realize that every technical solution as a eCommerce website or Android App or IOS App are different things. They work separately interconnected with eCommerce website. Thats mean that first at all You must make eCommerce website multilingual and only after that to go and make multilingual Android & OR IOS App`s which will connect to Your store and will show information which is provided in Your store.

To make eCommerce website Multilingual You must translate every peace of eCommerce website into second or third language. Thats mean if Your main language is English or whatsewer You must translate in proper native language everything – ecommerce website and Android & IOS app infrastructure, pages, news, contact info, products, products descriptions, pictures etc.

Is it hard and difficult?

And Yes and No, it is not.

Yes it is difficult if You will do it on Your own.

No if You will transfer all hastle to expierenced professionals.

We have solutions for You for every aspect of running eCommerce website, Android & IOS app multilingualy.

Running and maintaining multilingual eCommerce website and Android & IOS app is not easy task it consist on 3 parts:

1. eCommerce website multilinguality;

2. Android & IOS app multilinguality;

3. Translation services on Go, for Your:

3.1 Products & Services;

3.2 Ongoing communications with customers.

OnShoWo Ltd is able to help You with every task.

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